Hermitage rouge 2011

Tasting notes

Deep red with intense ruby glints. As always, the wine is so full of colour that it is almost black.

The nose opens rapidly with complex black fruit notes, soft spices and cocoa beans. This is the balsamic, empyreumatic, and also slightly resinous fragrance of intense black fruit.

The mouth does not disappoint. The massive, powerful presence fills the palate. Despite its richness, this 2011 Hermitage is velvety, almost docile. Once again, notes of mocha, cocoa and sweet spices complete the harmony.

A patient 5 to 8 year wait will be necessary before you can enjoy this great wine’s full potential. To be drunk with game, venison steak, marinated meats or poultry with truffles.


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Fiche technique - Vins rouges

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