Hermitage blanc 2012

Tasting notes

A gorgeous yellow colour with pale gold highlights. The wine shines, it is full of light.

The nose is rich, powerful and fresh while at the same time having great subtlety. First of all come the fresh herbs mixed with white truffle, candied angelica, floral notes like powdered rose and violets and finally bergamot zest. Together, these give a splendid complexity. The still developing nose will express its full potential in 2 to 3 years.

The palate is full-bodied, fleshy and balanced. The notes perceived in the nose are complemented by subtler dried fruit and fresh hazelnut, typical of Marsanne. This long, smooth palate has the perfect balance of the great white wines.

Finesse, elegance and subtlety are its strength and perfectly define this truly great Hermitage.

It will be enjoyed in the company of loved ones and connoisseurs, for celebrations and special occasions. Coquilles St. Jacques, sweetbreads and truffles would be fitting accompaniment and bring out all its qualities.


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Fiche technique - Vins blancs

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