St Joseph Les Rivoires 2010

Tasting notes

The colour of this wine is remarkable for its cherry red glow and ruby highlights, enhanced by a beautiful lustre and a sharp clarity.

The nose is very expressive, with notes of red berries, predominantly cherry and raspberry, and black fruit reflecting its excellent maturity. On swirling the glass, the bouquet is further enhanced by notes of vanilla, soft spices, chocolate and caramel. A wonderful complexity.

The palate is soft and rich. The sucrosité is immediately inviting, then the well-balanced tannins give the crispness necessary not to let the pleasure pass too quickly. Nothing jars, there is no heaviness, this St Joseph shows wonderful balance between its strength and its softness, its power and its gentleness.

This wine’s almost ethereal nose is all elegance and finesse. It goes well with red meats casseroled with vegetables, tagines, or even Pork Colombo for those with more exotic tastes.

Saint Joseph - Les Rivoires 2010

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Fiche technique - Vins rouges

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