Crozes-Hermitage Cuvée Louis Belle 2013

Tasting notes

The colour is brilliant, verging on crimson. With luminous, ruby-red glints.

The nose quickly develops a complex and delicate bouquet of red fruit and sweet spices. As the wine breathes, lightly toasted – almost iodized notes escape and compliment the aromatic richness.

True to form, this tribute to fine winemaking is rich and dense. The tannins, present on the palate, are robust and suitable for aging. The wine is powerful, yet delicate at the same time, with broad appeal.

Keep; if possible, for another 3 to 5 years and drink with shoulder of lamb, gardianne de taureau or beef with anchovies which goes perfectly with its salinity.


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Fiche technique - Vins rouges

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