Crozes-Hermitage Les Pierrelles 2013

Tasting notes

Beautiful cherry-red with ruby highlights, bright and deep.

The nose opens rapidly with intense fruit notes with variations around wild blackberry, blackcurrant and juicy pomegranate. There is something delicious and mellow in these aromas that bring to mind confectionery and are an invitation to enjoyment.

As the wine breathes, more spicy white pepper and cinnamon notes develop. The complexity increases ten-fold and the bouquet is a harmony of clear notes – fruit and then more full-bodied notes.

The same sensation of sucrosité and pleasure dominate the palate. The silky, velvety tannins give volume and support to the whole that is pleasing and harmonious.

This cuvée is delicate and gentle. It goes wonderfully with slowly cooked red meat, grilled or roast white meat like rabbit or chicken with fresh herbs.


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Fiche technique - Vins rouges

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