Crozes-Hermitage Les Terres Blanches 2012

Tasting notes

Bright and clear, pale gold with silver highlights.

The nose is expressive and complex. Peach, mirabelle and other yellow-fleshed fruit complement the fresher slightly menthol verbena notes. As the wine breathes, the fragrances from its élevage bring to mind buttered bread, fresh hazel nuts and crisp almonds, giving the wine a Burgundian accent.

The palate is smooth and creamy with a very soft attack. The different flavors complement each other. The minerality of the terroir, the gentleness of the climate and the fruitiness of the Marsanne grapes give this cuvee, Les Terres Blanches, a well-balanced and already very enjoyable wine.

This delicious Crozes-Hermitage is very drinkable. It is ready now, as an aperitif or with a meal; poultry, white meat, or river fish with a light, lemony sauce.


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Fiche technique - Vins blancs

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