Hermitage blanc 2010

Tasting notes

A beautiful golden yellow colour glinting with silver. The wine is clear and very bright.

From the outset the nose is complex and powerful; white flowers, dried fruit, candied white fruit, with a honeyed side too, notes of beeswax furniture polish reinforce the complexity without making it heavy. The elevage in French oak is well managed; revealing some nice vanilla notes; hints which in no way dominate the wine. Each element takes its place and contributes to the fulfilment of a harmonious marriage.

The palate is superb, lightly candied white fruit and again, hints of vanilla and honey. The sucrosité is just right, giving volume, intensity and length. That said, there is no absence of freshness, nor minerality which lengthens the finish.

This is a beautiful Hermitage, one of the best vintages of the last decade.

A wine for celebrations. With scallops, poulard with crayfish, or, if you have the patience to wait 4 to 6 years, the perfect complement to your favourite truffle dish.

Hermitage blanc 2010

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