Crozes-Hermitage Les Terres Blanches 2011

Tasting notes

A beautiful pale golden colour with silver highlights. Bright and clear.

A very rich, expressive nose. Wild peach and other white fruit, adding to the delicate floral notes of lily of the valley, lime blossom and powdered rose to provide beautiful aromatic balance. The finish is marked by a gentle touch of vanilla. The marriage of the fruitiness of the Marsanne and the wooded notes of the French oak produces a beautiful result.

The palate is generous with a smooth, rich attack and pleasant sucrosité, without being heavy. The balance is perfect. The minerality, coming from the terroir, expresses itself fully, being both aromatic and tactile while giving crispness and structure.

This wine goes very well with Mediterranean dishes like sea bass with fennel, and with more elaborate seafood and poultry dishes.

Terres Blanches 2011

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Fiche technique - Vins blancs

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